Weekly Recs: 28 Feb 2022

Editor’s Note: We have been recording our recommendations separately from our discussions of the films we discuss. This is designed to let the listeners decide if they would like to continue to get the recommendations or just start the movie discussion right away!

Dollface (2019-)


Recently Christine has been catching up on Dollface season 2 on Hulu. She really enjoyed the first season, so when she saw the second season was out she was really excited. She was excited to see how the show delved into different areas of female relationships, and going into different directions with that. She also said that she loved Kat Dennings.

Attica (2021)


Alicia watched a documentary nominated for best documentary this year, called Attica. It is about the uprising and aftermath at the Attica State Prison in New York, which she said she knew a small bit about, but mostly from “Attica!” Being chanted in the film Dog Day Afternoon. She thought it was a very well done doc, interviewing prisoners that were there at the time and lived through it. She said it was graphic in showing what ended up happening, and she learned a lot.

Terms of Endearment (1983)


Nathan recommended a movie he said he probably should have watched years ago, Terms of Endearment. He said it was pretty good, but since he was interrupted a few times during the viewing, the emotional impact it might have had dissipated a little. He said he didn’t “sob big tears, like I kind of thought I was supposed to do.” He said he really enjoyed watching Shirley McClaine ham it up, Jack Nicholson playing himself, and he though Debra Winger was basically the early version of Zoey Deschanel.

The Afterparty (2022-)


Josh has been watching The Afterparty on AppleTV. He said it had an all-star cast, and rattled off some of them such as Ben Schwartz, Tiffany Haddish, and Dave Franco. He said it’s about a high school reunion which ends with the murder of Dave Franco, and every episode is a detective interviewing a different person about what their experience at the party was. But, each episode is also a different genre, so the first episode is a romantic comedy, the second one is an action movie, there’s an animated movie, and a musical episode. He said it’s very fun, it’s directed by Lord and Miller, the guys who did The Lego Movie.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)


Zak watched a film on Netflix called Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the 2022 film which got a big “Oh no, Zak,” from Dale. Zak led into his recommendation by stating, “It’s pretty standard horror, slasher flick. Nothing new.” He said he thinks they’re trying to do with this franchise what Halloween did with the 2018 film and subsequent sequels. He said he didn’t hate it, he thought people should check it out to compare it to the other films in the franchise. There was then a discussion about how you can’t go back and improve upon the original.

Castle (2009-2016)


Recently Dale has been watching reruns of Castle with his wife on Lifetime. He prefaced this by saying his wife has always had a big crush on Nathan Fillion, so during their weekend together she suggested watching the show because she had always enjoyed watching it on basic cable. He said he couldn’t wait to watch more and “riff the hell out of them.”

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