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Power of the Dog (2021)

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This week Josh watched the Netflix original film Power of the Dog. The film was directed by Jane Campion and starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons. He was sure to point out that if Plemons was in the film, Kirsten Dunst was in it. They are, after all, a power couple. He also noted that Thomasin McKenzie, from Last Night in SoHo, had a small role in the film which he found surprising since she had just headlined an Edgar Wright movie. He talked about how Cumberbatch and Plemons played two brothers living on a ranch, Cumberbatch being the more rough-and-tumble of the two. And how Plemons’ character meets Kirsten Dunst and marries her before moving her and her sensitive son to the ranch. He said it’s “deeply moving”, and at around two hours, it’s not mega-long. Zak then went on to tell us about the time he delivered Postmates to Kirsten Dunst…who answered the door in a bathrobe.

What We Do in the Shadows (2016-)

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Aaron spent last week catching up on What We Do in the Shadows with his wife. He said when the show was first announced he was a bit skeptical because he thought they would try to use the same characters from the movie but with different actors in the roles because they obviously couldn’t use Taika Watiti in every episode. Then he went on to say, “but they somehow make it work,” lamenting only that the seasons were too short. He said he just found himself wanting more and more because when one episode ended, he just went right on to the next. He thought the interactions between the vampires and their familiar were just so good. Dale said that he and his wife ended up bingeing the show as well. Aaron commented that by the time he and his wife were a few seasons in they had to debate whether they wanted to keep watching or go to sleep.

Dexter: New Blood

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Dale decided to catch up on Dexter: New Blood after taking a brief hiatus from the epilogue series that he, Aaron, Brooke, and Zak, had Deeply Discussed prior. He stated that Michael C. Hall is back as Dexter, now in a different setting and ten years have passed since the eighth season. He stated that after he and Aaron guest-starred on Digging Dexter, they had a discussion on how the four of them would continue “deeply discussing” and hinted at a discussion sometime in the future. So, for now, you’ll have to take his word for it here. He stated that at first, he’d been cautiously optimistic because they’d brought Clyde Phillips who had done the first four seasons back, but after watching the first two episodes around the day they aired he wasn’t getting into it. He said he’d reached out to Brooke and she had felt the same way, but then he surprised himself by continuing. He said having Digging Dexter as a companion helped motivate him to watch further only to see what they had to say. And then he said the show clicked for him in a way it hadn’t previously. He said with what he’s seen in episodes three and four, he thinks New Blood is going to “Make Dexter great again.”

Hawkeye (2021-)

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Zak decided to talk about the Marvel show Hawkeye this week. He said among the new Marvel things on Disney+ that have come out recently, he enjoyed it a little bit more than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He said where The Falcon and The Winter Soldier were more of an extension of the films, this series was more “unique and unusual” and took you somewhere different much like WandaVision and Loki. He said while Hawkeye is straightforward, you would have to be an uber Marvel fan to put yourself through all the ridiculousness of the Marvel stuff because people just want to see the films. Josh asked Zak if he had read the Matt Fraction comics the show is based on, which Zak had not, but he had heard a lot about them and added that the Tracksuit Mafia was his new favorite Marvel Universe characters.

Locke & Key (2009-)

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Christine watched the first two episodes of Locke and Key season two. She said she watched season one when it first came out and really enjoyed it, but after watching the first episode of season two, she was not sure if she was into it. She said the second episode brought back a few more characters who had slightly significant roles in the first season, so it was a little like Dale was saying with New Blood, that she just had to make it past that point. She said she was really interested to see where the show went from there. Josh mentioned that he had seen the first episode of season two as well, but he had not tried to watch any more of it. Aaron brought up that he had attempted to watch season two because he liked the first season, but the recap did not do a particularly decent job and it felt like too much time had passed between the end of season one and the beginning of season two.

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